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College Credits in High School

High school students have several opportunities to get a head start and earn college credits before they graduate!

College Credit while in High School (CCHS)

CCHS is an exciting way for high school juniors and seniors to take University courses at Duquesne and earn up to 30 college credits.

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College in High School 

Duquesne University partners with a number of area high schools to offer students college-level learning experience before they leave high school.

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Early Admissions Program

Certain candidates may qualify to begin studying at Duquesne after their junior year of high school, prior to graduation.

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AP Credits

High school students who are interested in taking the AP exams can receive credit for college-level courses.

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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

 A student may acquire credits by achieving a satisfactory score on one or more of the College Level Examinations. Examinations may be taken at any CLEP Center. Students should check with their Academic Advisor to make sure that they are eligible to receive credit for the particular exams they plan to take.

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International Baccalaureate

Duquesne University may award academic credits to students completing the Diploma with a total score of 30 or above

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