Division of Mission and Identity


The Duquesne Mission

The Division of Mission and Identity would like to invite you to explore all the ways we are available online through our website as well as social media.  Please check out the links below to learn more about the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, explore student programing with Spiritan Campus Ministry, or see our weekly features that invite you to take a break, step back and breathe for a moment amidst all that is going on in our world today.

Daily and Weekly Features

Midweek Meditations 

This weekly social media series invites you to take a moment, breathe, and reflect on a passage from the Gospel of the day along with an image for the day.

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Mind Heart and Spirit Minute

Each week on social media we will feature an opportunity to pause and exercise some self-care by attending to our mind, heart, and spirit in different ways.

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1 Minute Reflections with Fr Bill

If you find yourself missing your Duquesne home, please watch Fr. Bill's 1 Minute Reflections. He recorded them while walking around Duquesne's Campus so you can see all the familiar places and feel a little taste of home. You can find all the videos, including today's, under New Initiatives.

Learn About the Spiritans

While the members of the Division of Mission and Identity are not out doing their usual workshops and presentations on the Spiritans, we hope you will enjoy some of the videos below that give some great insight on the Congregation of the Holy Spirit

The Spiritans Today 

Fr. Francis Libermann

Poorest of the Poor - St. Etienne du Mont

Poullart des Places 300 Years Later

Duquesne University Mission Statement

Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit is a Catholic university founded by members of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritans, and sustained through a partnership of laity and religious.

Duquesne serves God by serving students through:

  • Commitment to excellence in liberal and professional education
  • Profound concern for moral and spiritual values
  • Maintaining an ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity
  • Service to the Church, the community, the nation, and the world

The Spiritan Identity

The identity of Duquesne University is a modern expression of the Spiritan tradition that the Fathers of the Holy Spirit began here in 1878. Generations of students, faculty and staff continually reshape the face of the school, but our true identity remains unchanged. Duquesne University is a community of scholars who live the Spiritan-led commitment of service to all and who share God's wisdom and academia's knowledge with those who seek it.

Our students, faculty and staff are taught how to use all aspects of the distinctly Duquesne experience to go from our small corner of Pittsburgh out into the larger world where they can serve all peoples in their professional and personal lives.

As you learn more about everything that Duquesne has to offer, remember that tucked away under the buildings, books, social life and many other tangible pieces of the University lies a strong, active tradition of ecumenism that has made Duquesne one of the finest Catholic universities in the nation.    

The Rev. Raymond French, C.S.Sp.
Vice President for Mission and Identity